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Long experienced Japanese Cosmetic Wholesaler/Exporter offer most of Japanese well-known brands.

Our Wholesale Handling Brands shown in Web:

- Shiseido main brands [Maquillage, ELIXIR Sup., ANESSA, HAKU, etc.]
- Shiseido Fine Toiletry [Tsubaki, Senka, Ma Cherie, UNO, etc.]
- Kose main brands
- Kose Cosmeport
- Kanebo main brands
- Kracie, Maybeline
- Dariya, Naris Up
- ISEHAN, Heroine Make
- Rohto, SANA
- UTENA, COW, KOJI(Dolly Wink)
- BCL, Yanagiya
^ PDC, Dr.Scholl
- Rosette, Meishoku
- Hakugen, Kiribai
- Merries, Unicharm, Aliair
- Dr.CiLabo, Kobayashi
- K-Palette, DUP
- Asahi, Santen, Rohto(eyedrop)
- others

Special Highgrade Cosmetic/Skincare products sold in Brand Shoppers or Department Sotres:
- Shiseido Cre de Peau Beaute
- Shiseido International
- Shiseido THE GINZA
- others
Tax Free Operation - - - our Basic Handling Charge : 5% + Transportation for shop purchase

These products are sold by List Price in brand shops or department store each brand official counter, so we could buy your product in Tax Free, then we could send to you together with our wholesale items orders.

Special Highgrade Facial Beauty Tools or Skincares in Japan Local Internet Shopping:
- Facial Beauty Tools
- Body Sliming Tools
= Body Pelvis Correction Tools
- others
Tax Free Operation - - - Our Basic Handling Charge : 5%

For Japan Local Net Shopping, Please inform us Product Name (JAN code) and Quantity, then if you have Net Shopping URL, we will confirm products and contact you. However in Japan net shopping, some shoppers control maximum quantity per person, so purchasing, we need to select several shoppers to complete your quantity in discussion with customer.

Further detail of this deal, please discuss in email with each customer, so please feel free to contact us.
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