Business Information for our new customers

Hello! Nice meeting you! Thank you for finding us and we are here to serve you, sending you the newest Japanese cosmetics direct from Japan!

Our Mission: We provide the newest and the very best selection of Japanese cosmetics direct from Japan to you all over the world.
We are a licensed wholesaler in Japan for Japanese cosmetics for over many years. Japanese cosmetics updated frequently, and we ship the newest release to you. The newest release items can bring you a bigger business that you longed for. Shoppers on internet or at shop shoppers are keen on new released items at all time.
Please contact us and tell us your requirements. We carry and supply most of Japanese brands for skin, hair, body and pointmake cosmetics.
cosmetics.TOKYO will cooperate to work with you, upon your requests we provide necessary paper works such as ingredient lists with manufacturer name, how to apply, warming etc for FDA applications.

Shipping and Business Information -
Warranty Period: 1 year from shipment date. We can provide 1 year warranty period from the shipment date because we are licensed official wholesaler for the Japanese cosmetics. In case of any quality trouble, cosmetic.TOKYO will take full cares for settlement under our charge. There is nothing you lose.

Minimum Order Amount: Jpy 0.5 million
Minimum order for each item expensive high grade model is 6pcs, cheaper normal model is 12 or 24pcs/model. Our customers can select models with JAN code for 60 to 100 from Skincare, Haircare, Bodycare to reach Jpy 0.5 million minimum order in total.

Shipment Duration: 10-14 days for Air shipment after the payment arrival (Sea shipment 15-20 days)
cosmetic.TOKYO makes shipments by normally Air Courier Service(door-to-door) shipping service. However, if you prefer a large volume order by SEA in container, we can also cooperate LCL container shipment.

Shipment Method: Air Courier Service, Air freight or Sea LCL Vessel shipment
Logistics is decided by our customers, however, we can also recommend our reasonable and cost-effective Courier Service for convenient and quick “Door-To-Door” quick delivery without complicated import declarations.

Payment Term: Advance Bank Remittance in Japanese Yen.
For the payment method in detail, we discuss with our customers case by case. Please kindly tell us your comments via “Contact Form” form located below.
We at cosmetic.TOKYO look forward to hearing from you and working with you!
Best regards,

Contact Form
For your reference, here is our regular handling products with FOB prices.
From this list, customer could imagine our handling price range.

Senka Perfect Whip u (4901872444915) Y365
Senka Perfect Whip Collagen in(4901872462087) Y417
Senka Perfect ACNE care(4901872471614) Y417
Senka All Clear Gel (4901872471614) Y584
Full Make Washable Base(4901872447565) Y680

Biore Marshmallow Whip -Moisture (4901301250162) Y432
Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence(4901301363183) Y630
Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Gel(4901301363268) Y630
Liese Prettia Bubble Color -New York Ash(4910301350862) Y581
Liese Prettia Bubble Color -French Beige(4901301336798) Y581
Nivea Sun Water Gel SPF50 Pump(4901301298690) Y665
Curel Gel Make Off (4901301236203) Y664
Curel Lotion II(moist)(4901301236197) Y1193

Gokujyun Hyaluron Liquid (lotion)(4987241127054) Y646
Gokujyun Hyaluron Cleansing Face Wash(4987241145614) Y416
Melano CC Med.Anti-Stain Essence 20ml(4987241169658) Y852
[prices shown Y are Jpy Japanese Yen]

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