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- Wholesale Exporter supply Japanese Popular Cosmetic Skincare
- Direct purchase from liecensed Japanese Wholesaler/Exporter
- Could help your FDA documents like product ingredient list, etc.
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“We are a licensed wholesaler for Japanese cosmetics in Japan.
We ship the new released Japanese cosmetics all over the world.“

Cosmetic users around the world find Japanese skincare cosmetics to be of great value due to their gentleness on the skin, their actual effects and their permeability. Then introducing the finest Japanese cosmetics skincares from a wholesale exporter with over 20 years of experience, we offer a wide range of skincare, makeup and haircare products that are perfect for any skin type.

Skin care products: Cosmetic Tokyo provides skincare products for all skin types to suit more specific needs for normal/dry/oily/sensitive skin and our cosmetics from Japan have brought great satisfaction to the users around the world.
For hair colors and eye shadows we provide wide variety of colors, so you can pick and choose hair colors and shades that suit your market needs.

cosmetic.TOKYO has been providing and shipping Japanese cosmetics to all over the world for more than 20 years in operation with experience. We receive good customer voices that we carry wide range of Japanese cosmetics products to select.

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We are committed to delivering Japanese cosmetics at the best possible prices. To achieve this, we have implemented TELEWORK(work from home) since 2020 in Corona Disaster, and have eliminated our office to reduce expenses, just like other major Japanese companies. Our staff also access the cloud database from their homes to provide you with the best possible prices.

We at Cosmetic.TOKYO look forward to creating a satisfying long-term business relationship with our customers around the world. Upon your request Longint will cooperate to provide you a necessary paperwork such as ingredient list.


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